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  • Feeling lost about something in your life can effect how you continue to go about your everyday. You are strong for pushing through and reaching out to TeenCentral. Keep in mind that you will find the solution for that feeling.
  • Being intune with yourself and how you feel is great because recognizing that feeling now and addressing it will help in the long run.
  • Trace what is making you feel confused at the moment and find ways to eliminate it. You can do so by incorporating activities throughout your day that you enjoy doing most. For exmaple: Going for a run/walk, meditating, yoga etc. Strive for peace.
  • Remember to stay positive though this confusing time in your life. Check out the Learn, Help and Tools tab for more resources on that assist you with more direct help options and guidance.


  • What are some things you can do moving forward to help you remain positive and hopeful?
  • Who are some trusted adults in your life that can confide in for advice regarding your current situation?
  • What is triggering your confusion at the moment?