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I feel like l don’t care what happens to me at this point because when I was 9 I was molested, for 10 years I haven’t been with my mom and I really didn’t have a dad but when I got a step dad and my mom won custody, my dad has push me on the floor and my mom has threatened me and hit me. My brother and my dad got into a fist fight because my dad hit me really hard and my brother went at him cause he hates seeing me hurt because I lived with my brother and grandma for those 10 years. I told my brother i don’t want him and my dad fighting over my dad hitting me.Today my mom hit me multiply times and I just got tired of it so I yelled at her and told her to stop she hit me for going outside in the backyard without asking her. My mom and dad say I need to learn respect so they have rules which is fine but they don’t help me. For example my dad says to pick stuff up on the floor and don’t walk passed it but when he doesn’t do what the rules he made and I tell him he tells me to not get mouthy and just pick it up. One time he threw an empty box and told me to pick it up like I was a dog. When I tell him I’m not a dog he says don’t get mouthy just do it and then he threatened me. I’m 11 and most of this happened in a year I don’t know if I could deal with this anymore my birthday’s tomorrow and my mom told me to go back where I came from. When I do good is when I just shut up and be the maid and the babysitter. Tomorrow I want to tell them that this is not how a family is cause they didn’t have a mom or a dad around so I think they don’t know what family is . They tell me to change, and I did my part now it’s their turn but they don’t want to have a turn to change. I don’t feel hurt anymore I don’t even want to stay here anymore I’m just staying cause I have hope they will change. Please help.



  • Thank you for reaching out to Teen Central and speaking up for yourself and your safety! You are IMPORTANT and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
  • You are going through a very difficult time and no one deserves to be hurt. If you find yourself in immediate danger or feel your life is being threatened, call 911 IMMEDIATELY! You can also find help through a number of crisis lines with people available to help you anytime day or night. Put these numbers in your phone or write them somewhere you can easily find them:
    • 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) – being hurt or in danger
    • 1-800-273-8255 for feeling helpless / hopeless or if you’re in danger or hurting yourself
    • Text HELLO to 741741
  • Do you have a safe person you can talk to – either in your family or a neighbor/friend/religious leader? Make a plan with someone right away to have a place to go if things at home are getting out of control where you can be safe and receive some help. IT’S OK TO SPEAK UP! Tell someone you trust about what’s happening in your home, just like you spoke up here!


  • Even when things aren’t out of control or really dangerous, it’s still important to have people you can talk to about your feelings and thoughts. When we have a lot of stress in our lives, it takes a toll on us – we often can’t sleep or eat or focus on things like we can when we’re calm. Check out the LEARN section for information about Anxiety, Relaxation and Wellness.
  • It’s really incredible how you maintain hope through a difficult time – good for you! You’re correct that abuse is not how a family. If you want to talk with your parents about your feelings, try to have someone with you that can help mediate and step in if needed to help keep things calm. If you are having trouble finding the words, consider writing a letter to them and letting them know how you feel. Avoid getting into an argument or placing blame, and try to stay calm when you’re talking. Stay strong and stay safe!