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How do you know when you like somebody?


  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral. Having feelings or questioning if you are having feelings for someone can be complicated and even scary. Seeking feedback and support is a great step and we appreciate you trusting us.
  • Determining how you truly feel about someone can be complex and a question that nobody has the power to answer except you. That might make you feel alone but there are many others who ask themselves this same question. While you are working out your feelings, reading the stories of others on the TeenCentral website may help you during this time.
  • Are there any trusted adults or family members you can talk with and get feedback from regarding their experiences? Sometimes that can help you sort out your own feelings and the characteristics or personality traits that you may value and find attractive.


  • A big part of working out your feelings / thoughts is being able to organize them. Writing, Journaling and other creative outlets can be very beneficial. If you are questioning if feelings you have about a particular person mean that you “like them” – write those feelings and thoughts down as it may help you process how you really feel. If it’s not about a specific person (or even if it is), you can write about questions like “what traits you’ve seen in relationships that others around you have and are those traits things you want to have in a potential relationship? You can also make lists about the personal qualities you might value such as honesty and humor.
  • Questions about feelings and relationships can make people feel confused and stressed out. Taking steps to always care for yourself is very important. Always try to make sure you are taking time to focus on yourself by doing things that make you feel happy and healthy.
  • While sorting out your feelings is important, don’t forget to stay connected to others and use the support systems around you. Opening yourself up to positive people and experiences is a great way to learn about yourself and grow individually.