Making Mistakes Around My Crush

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TeenCentral Stories : Entry # 502   
I have a problem. Whenever I like a boy, and we start to become friends, I make the same mistake every time. I get my friends to ask if he likes me. When my friends ask, it ruins my friendship with those boys. I just made the mistake the other day. Here is my story, there was a new boy in my class this year and he was really cute. I got to know him and I realized I had finally found someone who shares the same interests with me. We both love rock & roll music ( Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and AC/DC), fashion, creating fashion ( clothes), and we ( according to our friends) are nice and funny. So it was like we were perfect for each other. (My friends also said we looked like we could be twins because when he tried my glasses on he looked just like me) One of my friends asked if he liked me, he said ” No, she is not funny or nice” anougher friend asked if he liked me and he said “No! F**k no!” After that I just felt like I had lost everything. I had finally met someone that understands me, what I like, and my taste in music. He doesn’t text me as much anymore. He only texts me if he has to. Now I feel as lonely as I was before he moved to my school. Except, I feel lonelier than before.😔 I have no idea what to do. All I want is for him to like me and for us to be friends again, maybe even more than friends. But he also has problems of his own. When he moved here he only hung out with the girls because the other boys in my school are not very nice. He used to be teased about wearing a scarf to school ( He wore a scarf all day, everyday) I thought that the scarves he wore expressed his personality. I loved that he was not afraid to be himself, but then the boys started calling him gay. He stoped wearing scarves. But he is still called gay. I absolutely hate it. Why can’t people be themselves and not be made fun of for who they are? I don’t understand that. I think that is a reason he doesn’t really like me anymore the way he used to. But I have no idea because, I’m the girl who makes mistakes. Sometimes I wonder why can’t I be like my friends and have all the boys like them? It’s a crazy world that I don’t know how to live in. If you have any suggestions about what I can do to get him back to being my friend or more than a friend, please help. And if you have any suggestions about what I can do to make myself make less mistakes than please do send feed back. I really need the feedback.CONSIDER THIS

You are not alone. Many people  feel anxious around someone they like, which leads them to think they will or have made a mistake around them, even though that is rarely the case.

Ignore the negativity, and the not so nice comments from the guy you like. You are young and will likely find someone else that will also want to be in a relationship with you.

If he doesn’t want to be your friend then his loss. You shouldn’t focus on so much “getting him back” but rather focus on being your best self. People with great personalities and who can appreciate you for who you are will be drawn to you, when you focus on you and being a great person.

Dont worry about making mistakes around people! It happens to everyone. You live and you learn, and you become a better person each and every day. So forgive yourself, and be your best self everyday.


Why do you think you make the same mistake around someone you like?

How can you focus on being a better you?

What are some of your great personality traits?

What are some of the things you can do to keep busy and not feel lonely?