My brother Is Changing

By August 28, 2017No Comments

Ever since my brother broke up with his older girlfriend, he’s kind of acting differently. He’s 16 now and maybe he’s just going through the stages of adolescence like me. I’m 18, but still. He didn’t give himself time to relax before he jumps into another relationship with a girl his age. I’ve caught him numerous times smoking cigarettes even though he’s underage. He says hateful things to me and our younger brother when he gets mad. He also started reading books about dark things and it’s this one show that he watches and he feels like the antagonist was justified in his actions. He openly admitted to my cousin and me that he used to skip class just to make out with his guy friend. He says that they were just experimenting and having fun and that he’s not gay or bisexual, but I don’t care if he is. He is free to be with whomever he wants. It’s the skipping class part that bothers me. I’m really worried about him. Our parents see how he’s changed and they are worried. Every time they get on him about his behavior, he lashes out at them too. What can I do to help him or should I just mind my own business? I’m afraid that he might hurt himself or hurt someone with the way he’s changed.


  • It is always a rough time when someone you care for is changing and it seems not for the better. It is hard for some people to cope with losing something they cared about so they lash out at the people that are closest to them because they feel safe to do that.
  • Maybe you should just talk with him about your feelings like how you are worried about him and what he is doing. He just might want to talk about things he’s going through right now.
  • Maybe there is something the two of you can do together that is fun like go to an arcade to play games, go to a water park or amusement park together, or maybe go see a movie together, etc.
  • If you believe that your brother needs more serious help maybe your whole family should get together and talk about what you can do to help your brother get back on the right foot again.


  • What would happen if you talked about how you are feeling in a non judgmental way but a concerned brother way?
  • What can you do with your brother that both of you enjoy to get connected again?
  • What can your whole family do to help your brother get back on his feet again?