My family is fighting

By January 8, 2021No Comments

My family scares me every time they fight and today it’s the worst one I remember. For me when someone starts yelling at me I just cry because I don’t have the courage to face them. My mum and my big sister started yelling at each other and my mum hit her so many times that I just started crying in my room. I could hear everything that they said but the only thing I remember was “GET OUT AND PACK YOUR BAGS YOUR NOT MY DAUGHTER ANYMORE!!” and “YOUR A PSYCO!!”. After that I started cleaning my room but now my mum scares me so much and I can’t even find the courage to check my parents bedroom. I really don’t know what to do, I feel like she going to yell at me so please help. P.S: I don’t know if I have to say my name.


  • Remember– your physical and emotional safety is our number one concern. If you ever feel like you or  your sister are in immediate danger, please reach out to your local law enforcement. You do not deserve to be put in any physical danger, especially by your family members.
  • It must be really tough to feel scared around the people who are supposed to care for you and be there for you and your siblings. You shouldn’t be alone in this. It’s important to reach out to someone you can trust. Think about it. Do you have anyone in your life that can support you through this difficult time? A teacher, aunt or uncle, or a counselor? Start the line of communication so that the relationships between your family can start to mend.
  • Family dynamics can be tricky, but talking about some of your feelings and concerns is a good start.


  • Making a plan for how to get help and who to go to when you are overwhelmed is really important. Try using this support plan to help organize your feelings. Having a list of some safe people and places to go for support is your first step.
  • When are family members are not getting along, that will impact your relationships as well. This may also cause some increase in anxiety or fear. It is important to balance your happiness and take care of your well-being. Try doing something that makes you feel less worried, something that makes you smile.
  • Here are some ideas… take a walk, find a place to do some yoga, meditate, laugh with a friend, or watch a funny movie. Making sure you take time to yourself if vital for self-care. Do something for you everyday.
  • Here’s probably the hardest thing you can do… tell your mom how scared you are when they fight like that. I know this may sound intimidating, but your mom might be open to a calm conversation to make things better within your family. Give it a try.