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My Mom

By January 10, 2023No Comments

My mom she can be the best mom, but when she gets piss off or mad she hits me chocks me or verbally abused me I told cys and the police but my mom lied to them so they wouldn’t believe me. I get depressed because she wants to 302 me because I’m mentally unstable when I got help multi times in my life my mom needs help idk what to do. I’m depressed I have autism and maybe a little adhd. Sometimes I’ll say I got knives or Gus in the house to warn people that I want to hurt myself. What do I do I don’t need the hospital if anything my mom does cuz sometimes she will bang her head off the wall and say she wants to die.




  • It seems like you are going through a really difficult time right now. Thank you for having the courage to share your story with TeenCentral community. Be proud of yourself for reaching out for help.
  • If you are feeling unsafe, or you feel so sad that you have no one you can turn to please reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They are available 24 hours a day, you can contact them by calling 1-800-273-8255 or If you would rather text someone you can contact the crisis help line by texting “HELLO” to 741-741. There is always someone just a text away.
  • It can be very difficult living in a situation where you are feeling the way you described. It seems like you have a mother that can be really good to you at times. Have you had conversations with her about how you feel when she gets mad? Having a conversation with your mother about how you are feeling could be a starting point. You might be surprised how well it could go. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, have you reached out to an adult in your life you trust, like a family member, church or school counselor? If not, that would be a great place to be able to express yourself and find support outside of your relationship with your mother.


  • Your guidance counselors are still there! Reach out to your school- via email or Zoom in order to contact them. At some schools, you can even make an in-person appointment to talk directly with them face to face. Just because we don’t see them every day, doesn’t mean they have disappeared.
  • Check in with your teachers. You may only see them during class or virtually but they are still a resource that can connect you to the help you may need. It’s one of the people you have (some sort of) contact with almost every day.
  • Contact the Child Help USA National Hotline. This is a resource that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 170 different languages. If you are suffering from child abuse, this hotline can help. Simply call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or visit them online at org.
  • Every state in the US has their own reporting system for child abuse as well. With one quick Google search you can find a resource to report what is happening to you. Type into google, “Report Child Abuse {Enter your state here}”.
  • You can also reach out to local County Child Welfare Office. This resource may look different depending on where you live, but you can find your county’s information quickly on Google. You’ll want to search “Child Welfare Resource Information {Enter your county here}”.
  • Keep talking to us! Here at TeenCentral, we continue to be dedicated to hearing your stories and offering the best possible suggestions to help you HELP YOU.
  • Remember- reaching out to anyone(any trusted adult or peer) is better than suffering alone in silence. There are people that want to help you. Your voice matters, we are here to listen.


  • Please don’t feel like you just have to suffer alone. You don’t.
  • There are also many hotlines available to you on the TeenCentral HELP tab. Read over them because one of them may apply to your situation perfectly – and they respond immediately to you.