My Mom Abuses My Puppy

My Mom Abuses My Puppy

Why is my mom so strict with my puppy?


  • Animal abuse can make you feel concerned about the welfare of your puppy. You are kind for caring genuinely and making an honest effort to protect your pet even though it takes bravery.
  • Puppies need to be handled with unconditional love. They shouldn’t be treated harshly or strictly in any way. You are right to be worried about how your mother treats it.
  • Since you care about the puppy more than your mother does you can get smarter and be the better person by taking responsibility for it. You need to show that you’re responsible by taking care of it every chance you get. Feed it, give it water and baths, and play with it daily. Don’t give your mom power over your pet or any chance to hurt it. She may be irresponsible or abusive towards animals.
  • You don’t have to let bad things happen. You can be strong and take action. You can educate yourself about animal welfare by reading books and researching.
  • Animal abuse is against the law. If your mother harms your pet you may call 911 or an animal welfare organization in your area and report her for animal abuse. Pets have real feelings, just like people. Imagine how you’d feel if your mom hurt you.
  • If nobody listens to you, you can be brave by protecting your puppy. You can tell your mom to please not hurt him/her and that animals feel pain too. Take charge of the situation where possible. Never let your puppy out of your sight. Keep your puppy in your room where you know it will be safe. Hold him/her so your mom can’t hurt your puppy.
  • To prove that you care about animals and to show that you’re responsible, you can try volunteering with a pet shelter. This would show others that you can be trusted with pets. You’d also be taking action against people who wish them harm or who just don’t know any better.
  • Other responsibilities include doing chores around the house, making an honest effort to do well in school and getting a part-time job.
  • You can try educating your mother about how animals have real feelings like us. Maybe she didn’t grow up understanding that animals matter. You can also suggest that she become more spiritual. You can read up on the subject by heading to the Teen Central website and clicking the Learn tab then Spirituality. You can try spiritual techniques (and suggest these to your mom if you’d like) such as prayer or meditation. You can suggest that you and your mom attend church services to encourage her to be a better person.
  • You can kindly suggest to your mom that she see a trusted therapist for any issues which may prevent her from being more empathetic.
  • If you have trouble being positive, you can try using creativity to distract yourself. Art can be fun and therapeutic. Some activities are drawing, painting, playing a musical instrument or listening to music, among others.
  • Everyone must come together to end animal abuse by taking action for their welfare. This is a serious issue but with the right knowledge and effort we can teach each other empathy towards all creatures.


  • In what ways can you allow this situation to make you a stronger person?
  • If you need to, in order to protect your pet, how can you stand up to your mom (without disrespecting her) and not let her intimidate you?
  • In what ways would committing to helping your pet make you a more genuine person?
  • How can you become a better person by persevering through troublesome situations like this?