My mom and dad split up…

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My mom and dad split when I was about 4. I saw my dad every other weekday but now after 9 years, I don’t see him at all. Now my life is full of anxiety, ocd, add, and depression. I wake up everyday asking myself if he will ever come back.



  • One of the key component to being able to overcome tough times is having positive, supportive mentors/adults in your life. Consider what adult in your life that you can talk to about your feelings? Do you have a trusted family friend, aunt/uncle, guidance counselor, or therapist? If you cannot identify one off hand that you can share your feelings with, consider who you could try to talk to or how to link with a therapy service. Don’t rule out talking to your parents, even about divorce. They may not realize how you feel about the situation so consider talking to your family (without blame or judgement) and tell them how you feel. We understand you do not currently have contact with your father, but it may be useful to write a letter to him just to get the feelings out.
  • Find ways to have more positive experiences and positive interactions. Consider trying to combat stress and anxiety with one of the TOOLS on our website. Things that help some people are: journaling, creating art, taking a walk, spending time with a pet, talking to a best friend, organizing things in your room, or doing physical activity. Thanks again for sharing. Remember, we might not be able to fully change some things in our lives, but we can change how we think about them.