My Mom Hits My Brother and I

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My mom hits my brother and I. My mom hits me for things that are mostly my fault or cannot control. If my brother hits my sister, she will yell at me and say “Why are you not watching her?!” She has given be bruises once when I was younger and lock me out the house for at least two minutes. When I was younger I thought I deserved it and that other families do it too. My brother does not eat much and gets hit for it, he is two and is always yelled at from his behavior. My mom only said she was guilty once but continues to yell. Our neighbors have called the police on us and she says “Oh, my son is horrible! Why don’t you take him?” and then laughs. I do not want a councilor nor do I have a adult to talk to because my mom would know and hit me. I have told others about my life online whom I trust and have found people who have also faced abuse. I also have a question, is it normal to be kicked out the house for at least 2 minutes at a young age?



  • Thank you for reaching out to Teen Central for help. You are brave for continuing to reach out for help and we’re glad you trusted us with your story.
  • Even though you feel afraid, it is REALLY IMPORTANT that you keep telling your story and asking for help. If you ever feel you or your siblings are in serious danger, PLEASE CALL 911. On the Teen Central website, there are numbers you can also call to get help, including 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453), which is 24/7 to help kids being abused, or you can text HELLO to 741741 if making a call isn’t possible. Your safety is the most important thing.
  • You mentioned that you don’t want a counselor or an adult to talk to for fear your mom would know. Having someone to talk to in really stressful and painful times is important to keep you healthy beyond physical safety. Situations like this take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being too. Even if you just want someone to listen to what you’re going through day to day, having someone to tell your story to in person can help just like having someone online has already helped. Try reaching out to a neighbor, friend’s parent, another family member or someone from your school so you know someone (besides us!) hears you.


  • While you’re working through this very difficult time in your life, we strongly suggest a safety plan for you and your siblings. Check out the TOOLS section for the SUPPORT PLAN, which may help you know when you need to reach out for help for your own well-being. Page 3 may be helpful to organize a plan for a safe place to go and who to turn to if you ever need it right away.
  • How do you cope with stress? Do you enjoy art, music, writing, video games, exercising? These things that are enjoyable can also be a great way to manage stress. Check out the WHAT’S NEW blog to learn about using art, journaling and deep breathing to cope and manage stress. Also, check out the TOOLS section for information about different meditation and yoga techniques that can really help bring some calm to your life. Finally, there’s a lot of information in the LEARN section. Check out the WELLNESS section for information about relaxation. Take time to take care of yourself every day, even if just for a few minutes.
  • You asked if it’s normal to be kicked out of the house for 2 minutes at a young age. We believe it is not ok for anyone to feel unsafe, alone or in danger because of how someone else is treating them, especially kids. We are proud of you for speaking up and hope you continue to seek help for your family.