My Mom Just Beat Me, What Should I Do?

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Im 12 years old and my mom just beat me, she has done this before and she is alcoholic. I made a rude comment about her being drunk so she started yelling at me then it got worst I was cornered in my bed and she was trying to pull my sheets off of me, literal clawing then she punched me I felt scared and kicked her in the stomach sending her back. I didnt mean to i was scared so she got up then started punching me in my face and stomach really hard then she knocked over my bookshelves and destroyed my room, It is about a hour later and I have bruises on my arm and a big bump on my head. I love her but i dont wanna go through that again, What shouuld I do?


  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral with your story. This sounds like a terrifying experience, and we’re glad you took the brave step to speak up about it and ask for help.
  • We’re so sorry that you and your mom are struggling. It’s really hard not only on a person with a drug or alcohol problem, but also their family, and sadly you’re not alone. When fights get violent, like you described, sometimes we need help immediately. There are a number of ways you can get help right away if you feel you are in danger. First would be to get to a safe location away from the fight and you mom. Lock yourself in your room, leave the house and go to a trusted neighbor, whatever you can do to get somewhere safe right away. Second would be to call 911 and let the police help. 
  • Is there anyone you can reach out to that you trust to talk to about your situation? A guidance counselor at school, a teacher, coach, religious leader? Do you have older siblings, a close family friend, or an aunt/uncle or grandparent you can trust? Are you involved in any therapy at this time? Telling someone that you and your mom are fighting is ok, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about and it’s important that you have support during this time.


  • We think you can find some useful tips and hotlines regarding your situation on our WHAT’S NEW tab. There is a post about “Getting Help for Abuse During the Pandemic” that may feel helpful.
  • During hard times, it’s really important to find things to do to take care of yourself and balance the conflict and chaos in your life with calm and safety. Check out our TOOLS section for resources about using music (MUSIC TOOL), and lots of other activities, and our WELLNESS section for information about RELAXATION.
  • Get outside. Being outside gets you out of the house, away from conflict. This is good for the body and to clear their mind. You can take a walk, go to a park, or just sit somewhere quiet. Being outside and near nature is also useful for practicing mindfulness.
  • Consider talking about your feelings with your mom when you’re both calm. Ask someone that you trust to be there if that feels safer. It’s ok to let her know if you’re feeling hurt, scared, confused, angry (or any other feeling), about what happened. She may have some feelings and thoughts about what happened as well that she wants to share. We hope that you both will want to find a different way to handle conflict going forward.