My parents are having an affair

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I recently found my mom is having an affair. Now a days, dad doesn’t come back home regularly. When he comes my mom always fights with him. The man mom associated with started visiting our home. First we didn’t know we thought as them as my parents friend. Then he started involving in our family affairs. Now my dad distanced himself out and staying at another place. I accidently heard moms phone call once about their affair and he talking about us being helpless to do anything even if we know. My dad also seems to know it but kept silent. My dad loves my mom but she doesn’t care except for money. I started arguing with mom about his involvement in decisions but I became the villan with dirty thoughts. I cant confront them that I know. That man family doesn’t seem to care what he does. My mom threatened suicide if I said anything against him once. Now that man is telling things to my mom against me. what should I do? Should I keep silent ? Can we file a complaint against him?


  • Dealing with family conflict and seeing your parents struggle in their relationship, must be an overwhelming thing to go through. This is a very sensitive issue to see happen in your home. We want you to know that you are not alone. Thank you for sharing such a difficult story with us at TeenCentral.
  • Remember safety is our number one concern, yours and your moms. If she is ever in danger of harming herself, you can always reach out to a crisis hotline 24 hours a day. Just text “Hello” to 741741. It’s important that you and your mom are physically and emotionally safe.
  • It’s also really important to understand that what your parents are going through does not impact the love you deserve from your family. You are important and should always make sure you are taking care of yourself. Check out this tool on TeenCentral to help you stay positive through this difficult time.
  • When really serious issues are happening in your family, it may be helpful to talk to someone that can offer you some support. Do you have anyone that can listen to some of your concerns? Think about it. Is there a teacher or older friend or sibling that may be able to give you some unbiased advice? Reach out to them.


  • Try taking your mind off of your parents relationship. I know that’s easier said than done right. But try doing some things that make you smile and bring you joy. Is there a certain activity that you like to do? Even something as small as getting out of the house may be just the distraction you need from what’s happening with your parents. Or try connecting with supportive friends. Anything that can help ease your mind could decrease the stress you are taking on through your family dynamics.
  • Have you ever tried journaling? It may sound corny, but it is a really great way of releasing some of your emotions. Being able to see your thoughts and frustrations on paper is a great way of organizing how you feel. If you ever want to have a conversation with your parents about this issue, then you already have some things written down about what you want to say to them. You could even try writing each one of them a letter.
  • Whatever it is that’s happening at home, just know you can get through it with a good support system and by taking care of yourself.