My Problem

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Everyone else wants to kill themselves, but I want to kill everyone else.


  • Having extremely negative feelings towards others can make you feel like you lack empathy and others do as well. You are strong for making an effort to get help even though your feelings may make it difficult for you to care.
  • Maybe you feel like you want to harm others because you’ve been hurt by too many people yourself. No one deserves to be treated this way. Knowledge is power. You can head to the Teen Central website and click the Learn tab then Bullying to better understand the issue. You may also explore the other topics under the Learn tab if they apply. If you need someone to talk to, you can click the Help tab to call one of the hotlines or textlines.
  • You can be positive by repeating positive affirmations to yourself often. Use a journal to write down what you’re grateful for each day and to express your feelings. Read inspiring quotes to uplift your spirits. Motivate yourself to let your struggles make you a stronger person by reading inspiring stories about people who’ve beat their problems to become successful. These people often include activists, artists and scientists among others. You can visit the Teen Central website then click the Tools tab to download resources to help you be more positive.
  • You can try being more spiritual by doing prayer, meditation or yoga on a regular basis. If you feel up to it, you can try attending church services. These techniques may help you learn to calm intense emotions, gain depth and a new perspective on life. You could also gain a more meaningful life and a sense of purpose. Spirituality teaches people that everything happens for a reason, no matter how bad it may be.
  • Sometimes people just don’t want to listen when a person needs them to. This means you need a healthy outlet to deal with your emotions when someone provokes you. Expressing your emotions through creativity can help you release built-up tension. You can use these to release anger, sadness and to express happiness so you don’t have to live with the discomfort unwanted emotions create. Some creative activities you can try are listening to music, drawing, creative writing, painting and playing a musical instrument among others.
  • Instead of letting others get you down, you can let them make you a better person by volunteering. Helping those less fortunate than you can help you realize how much your life matters. You can volunteer online or in your area. Volunteer opportunities to consider are helping out at an animal shelter, reading to children at your local library or writing letters to children with cancer. You may also be able to be a counselor so you can help others endure their own negative experiences. You may also foster or adopt a pet from a shelter to give and get unconditional love.
  • Rather than focus on people, you can try focusing on getting good grades in school and having hobbies.
  • Being brave enough to be yourself and expressing your true feelings might help you calm down more often. If people don’t care enough about you, it’s likely because they have their own issues to deal with.
  • You can try to find something to make you laugh by reading a funny comic or watching a comedy movie.
  • You can take time each day to care about yourself so others can’t steal your happiness from you. Practice self care and self love. Only when you love yourself can others learn to care about you.
  • Always have something to believe in so feelings of hopelessness don’t make you spiral out of control. You may want to read a favorite book or any number of things.


  • In what ways is it a waste of time to hate others when you could be living your own life in a positive manner?
  • In what ways can you focus on accomplishing your own goals so you can have the better future that you deserve?
  • What are some positive things you can learn from your negative experiences with people?