Need help

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I have been do sex things and stealing and lieing I always am sad I am 13 years old



  • It takes a lot of courage to share personal information with others and to discuss things we may be struggling with. Thank you for trusting TeenCentral and sharing your story with us.
  • There is a lot of useful information right here on TeenCentral. Under the LEARN tab there are a few resources with information on depression, and what it can look and feel like.
  • Feeling sad can start to take a toll on you, affecting how you think and act. What are some positive things going on in your life? Remind yourself daily of something that went well or was positive.
  • Is there someone you trust that you could talk to? Maybe a friend, cousin, or family member. Talking about our feelings sometimes helps you feel better. Also this person may be able to help you pinpoint what is making you feel sad. They could even support you in feeling happier.


  • How can having a positive mindset help you now and in the future? Journaling is sometimes an effective way to help us express our thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. Try writing down how you are coping day to day. If you are engaging in risky behaviors (like stealing, and lieing) write about them. What drives you to engage in such behaviors? How do these behaviors make you feel? What are the potential consequences of these behaviors? These journal entries could be helpful in understanding your choices and when talking to your trusted person.
  • Keeping yourself busy and active in positive and healthy ways can help you curb risky choices. Try yoga, strength exercises, or aerobic exercises. If you need help there are examples under the TOOLS tab like yoga guides, and aerobics plans. Physical exercise can help release negative emotions that are building up. It can also help you feel better and less sad.