Need help coming out…

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So this is my story, I’m a girl who is lesbian and my parents don’t know which is horrible cause my parents think being lesbian/gay is a horrible sin. Don’t be worried, I know what to do when my parents don’t except me, I just need your guys help to tell me how to come out.  I’m happy I have friends who will, and that do support me, and so many other people.  Yes I’ve actually searched things to help me come out but you guys can also help. I know putting my story here is risky and can give me bad comments so please support and don’t hate. Like my mom says if you don’t have something nice to say/text then don’t say/text it at all so please be nice.  But I love being lesbian and seeing other people like me on youtube and tik tok.  I give support to any kind of sexuality so whoever you are feeling like your not getting love and feeling insecure of your sexuality don’t, because a lot of people are like you and will give you support like me.


  • Thanks for sharing your story with the TeenCentral community! We appreciate your story and your positivity.
  • We think you will find that you are not alone and can probably relate to some of the stories and advice on our STORIES page. Likewise, we even have information about coming out on our LEARN tab if you click on it and look at SEXUALITY then LGBTQ.
  • Coming out is a big and very personal decision / process. In doing so, when the time is right you might want to try having the discussion with other trusted adults whom you know are supportive in your life. It sounds as if you have many supportive friends and you have found some positive influences on social media. Also, you seem to hold a positive and accepting attitude which should carry you far in life. Using all those skills, try having some discussions about sexuality with members of your trusted support system.
  • That being said, when using the the internet for information please be cautious to find reputable websites and news feeds. Don’t rely on social media for news and be mindful of what you share with others online. If you ever feel like you really need to talk to someone in real time about the issues at hand you can visit our HELP page. There are several hotlines on that page that could help you. Check them out and decide which one fits your situation best.


  • Check out some reputable resources for LGBTQ rights and coming out
  • Step away from the screen and enjoy life and the world around you. Take a walk in nature, stay in the moment, find something beautiful each day, and indulge in things that make you laugh. We have some great resources on our TOOLS tab that might spark an idea for you.
  • Keep up the positivity. Love who you are. When it is time, your time, be as open minded with your family as you would like them to be with you.