Need Resources for Counseling

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I just need resources for counseling. My parents won’t get me a therapist and I need one very badly.


Help Yourself:

  • Thank you so much for reaching out to Teen Central! This is an important first step to finding help for yourself. It takes courage to say that you are not ok.
  • It sounds like you want some help right away, so we’d like to suggest you make sure you have some tools to take care of yourself while you’re finding a therapist. If you ever feel like you are not safe and may harm yourself, there is always someone to talk to 24/7. Take a moment and put these numbers in your phone or write them somewhere you can easily find them – 1-800-273-8255 (which also has a chat feature if you prefer to write) and for texting use 741741 (all you have to do is type Hello).
  • Check out our “What’s New” section for using art as a coping skill, the power of deep breathing, and the TOOLS and LEARN section for information about lots of problems that people struggle with. You are not alone!

Consider This:

  • Do you have a trusted adult in your life (like a family member, parent of a friend, neighbor, religious leader) that could help you talk with your parents about what you need? if so, ask them if they will help you talk with your parents about what you’re asking. You could also try writing down what you want to say to your parents. Sometimes writing to someone feels easier than talking to someone face to face and can help people have hard talks.
  • If your parents are still unwilling to get involved right now, try contacting a counselor from your school. Even though school is out for the summer, many staff work throughout the year and may be available for a phone call.
  • If you have trusted friends that you feel comfortable talking with, ask them if they know about someone you could talk to. Many people don’t tell other people that they’re seeing a therapist, but are willing to share that person’s name if they believe that person is helpful. Sometimes you just have to ask.
  • One other thing you could consider is calling your local hospitals and asking about mental health services that they offer. Hospitals that teach medical students often have low cost or free services. Just know that not every mental health clinic will have what you need. Not everyone works with young people, so make sure to ask. Also, make sure you have a safe way to get to your appointments, or ask if they will do appointments virtually (using Zoom or another program like it).