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online smear campaign

By September 26, 2022September 30th, 2022No Comments

I’ve been using TC since I was about 11, but I’m 29 now. Another person has started an online smear campaign against me. That person has made up extreme stories/lies and slander with malicious intent to cause harm to how I feel and what I try to do for a living. This person has accused me of vile, awful crimes without showing any proof to back their ‘claims’ The person lied about self-harming and claimed I was the reason for the attempts. I have done nothing to this person. I blocked them on all social media, I even changed some of my usernames in hopes the individual won’t find me again. I probably should mention they live in an entirely different state than I do, we have never met in person or even video chatted. I have no idea how or why they are doing this. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am numb and hollow, and I feel no desire to do anything.


  • We appreciate your longtime loyalty! Hopefully you have some great people surrounding you that have been supporting you just as long as we have 🙂
  • First – If any of the behavior you are experiencing could be unsafe or criminal in nature – perhaps you consider reaching out to the police or other authorities you feel comfortable with. We stress that this is only if YOU are comfortable and feel like it needs to go in that direction. It’s your choice.
  • Like we mentioned, it’s important to have people in your life that you can lean on for support in tough times. Do you have anyone that you feel comfortable sharing this with?


  • If you are feeling numb and hollow with loss of interest, it’s definitely time to take some action for yourself if you haven’t already. How are you coping with these feelings and experiences? It’s really important to find things to help while you figure this out. If you have things, please make sure you are finding time to do them – at least ten minutes a day if you can.
  • Make sure you are safe and protected. Continue to use caution and protect yourself. If you can involve others to help you get through this safely, then we recommend that.
  • It may sound hard or not possible but, try your best to limit the impact they have on you. You can’t make it all go away but you can try to not add fuel to it at all by giving it attention. Obviously if it’s unsafe then don’t ignore it. But people who try to bully you online often want control of your emotions and life – try not to give it to them.