Parental Decisions

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There’s this show that I watched last night and I think that it’s the reason I had a nightmare the other night, but now my mum won’t let me watch it at night anymore.  I told her that it happened when I was in bed. I want to watch the show before I go to bed but now my mum won’t let me watch it and I don’t know what to do


Help Yourself

  • It’s difficult navigating our relationships with our parents as we grow and want to assert our own independence into our decisions in our lives. Thank you for reaching out to us to help you.
  • Have you tried sitting down with your mother and calmly and clearly discussing your feelings with her? It may help her understand where you’re coming from , and it may help you understand her decisions here as well.  That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll change her mind, but people take others more seriously when they are able to have an open, calm discussion.
  • Have you asked yourself why you continue to want to watch this show if it’s giving you nightmares? This may help you understand where your mother’s decision is coming from.  A parent’s job is to take care of and protect their children.  This may be a show that you’re ok with dealing with some nightmares, but your mother may not feel the same way.  Is it healthy for you?


Consider This

  • If you decide to try and talk with your mother, we have a resource on our website under “Tools” called Social Skills. There is a plan in there for how to resolve a disagreement with another person.  It may give you some help in planning for the conversation.
  • Have you tried methods that help you fall asleep rather than make it more difficult? There are many relaxation activities that you could do before bedtime that may help your sleep patterns, including meditation, stretching, reading, writing.