People Being Mean

By March 26, 2020No Comments

When people are being mean to each other and they cant take it


  • It sounds like you may be having some overwhelming feelings from others being mean to you. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed, particularly in these untrying times. Thank you for reaching out to the Teen Central Community. We are here if you need support.
  • Under the “Learn” tab on the Teen Central website there is a section directly related to bullying. The specific section titled “What to Do?” might be super helpful for you to review. And always remember, you deserve to feel safe and have people around you that bring you joy not pain.
  • Have you ever tried to talk to a trusted person about how you are feeling? This doesn’t have to be a parent or guidance counselor, a trusted person can be a sibling, a neighbor, or someone you trust. Venting to someone you trust can make you feel more at ease.


  • Connections with others are really important, but you want to make sure they are positive and not toxic relationships. When you are feeling overwhelmed, like you “can’t take it anymore” take that time to self-reflect. Who are the important people in your life? What positive things do they bring to your life? Write those things down.
  • Try getting outside when you are feeling overwhelmed. Do not underestimate how much this could help – even for just a short walk or bike ride around the block to clear your mind.
  • Remember that everyone deals with stress and negative interactions differently, try out some positive ways to deal with others until you find what works for you. There are a number of apps that can help with relaxation, yoga or meditation. Try one!