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When I’m talk with people off online or text someone I dont gave my number the cell company gave. I give them a free number that I got from app that connect to one of my accounts. Then I have a number with a cell phone company for jobs, family, doctors etc. No i would not give out my actual number over the free one but I don’t have the option to block them as the free one does. most people that text only for [tctalks edited for explicit content] very rarely nothing more. don’t get me wrong I’m 28years old and enjoy [tctalks edited for explicit content]. I highly like the very rare conservations. Im mature more and i want more then that. is that wrong? is what I doing wrong? As I have had people say and call me unspeakable things because they give actual numbers and I give a free number. Main reason is protection for myself as the free number if look up shows I’m in the same state but total different city. I don’t know??? I have had people text me to the free number that were total creeps, weirdos and glad [I] gave [a] free number out. but I feel awful. im lying. i feel guilty that I don’t give my actual number.[I need] advice and you people have been awesome, as I have turned to you for years and you have never let me down. you always [give] real honesty even if it gets me but it the truth. Thanks


  • Thank you for trusting Teen Central all these years with issues that are hard to navigate. We’re very happy to hear that our feedback has been so helpful and that we have shown you there are safe ways to connect with people when you need help or support.
  • It sounds like you have taken reasonable steps as an adult to protect yourself when you choose to have intimate conversations online. It’s ok to protect yourself. If the people responding to you don’t respect the steps you’re taking to be safe, you may want to reconsider talking with them.


  • Don’t forget the most important relationship that you need to nurture – the one you have with yourself. Take time to do activities that are fun, rewarding and available to you that don’t require the Internet to keep balance in your life. Depending on your income, you could consider activities that involve taking lessons or taking up a new hobby (which will also connect you to people that have things in common) or connect with your local county resources for information about free or low cost events in your area.
  • You mentioned wanting more from your online encounters. Even though being social comes naturally most of the time, creating a health social life is not as easy. Consider some of the suggestions offered here – This website is geared toward men with depression, but the suggestions line up with resources you have as an adult that may feel more relevant than the information we focus on at Teen Central. Also this article recently published in Psychology Today is a good read on how all adults can improve a healthy social life. Read about it here:
  • Consider also checking out community events for volunteer activities. You may really enjoy spending some of your free time helping people and feeling a part of something. Consider helping out at local homeless shelters, animal shelters, joining advocacy groups, or support groups. We are so glad you have found support at Teen Central for years. We hope some of these suggestions help you connect with a community of adults that is welcoming and helps you feel like you are taking the next important step in your life. Our resources are probably feeling unrelatable for you by now, but there are many people out there that are ready to support you and get to know you!