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Relief but Depressed

By October 28, 2022October 29th, 2022No Comments

Relief but depressed

Feeling of relief because I might be trying a new home school system and depressed because I have to quit my pride of being in band at a football game and just the sound of the band makes me cry. But trying to be a little happy I think I shouldn’t have came to the game to watch the band. My mom is being negative and saying I won’t get into the new online school because she doesn’t have faith in me. So yeah idk what to do?


  • First we would like to thank you for taking the time to write in to TeenCentral. Reaching out to someone for help can be hard at times and you had the courage to do it! Just remember that there is always someone either a click or call away for you!
  • It seems like you are having a hard time with adjusting to new school life at an online level. If this is a passion of yours maybe you could look into still being a part of the school band even though you do online schooling? It never hurts to ask questions to your mom, the school system, or anybody that could help!
  • Since you did bring up a feeling of depression, we do have a tab about depression here if you would like to learn more about symptoms of depression, warning signs of depressions, and some things you can do to help yourself if you are feeling depressed! Click here to learn more!


  • If you are unable to pursue continuing in the band at school maybe you could play a single instrument and try to join a different band, club, or event that would allow you to continue playing! Playing instruments are a great coping skill for people and it shouldn’t be something you just give up because of cyber school, if you have a passion for playing try to find that different way to keep playing!
  • Something that also might be beneficial for you is to have a daily positive reminder card! Click here to view the paper that you can print out if you would like. A daily reminder of positive things can help uplift our spirits and remind us that we are doing something right or good!