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I’d like to talk to someone about the resources listed on your website.

Thanks so much!


  • Thanks for logging in to TeenCentral, we hope you can use some of the resources and educational material that is listed on the site. All the resources on our page are for the public to utilize at any time to better a persons’ well-being.
  • If you click on our “Help” tab, you can see there are many different resources that we encourage TeenCentral users to consider in addition to seeking help for an issue or concern. Remember TeenCentral is just the first step in any persons journey.
  • Also take a look at the “Learn” tab if you are interested in furthering your knowledge about a specific topic. There are a diverse range of things under that tab anywhere from anxiety to physical fitness. Check them out.


  • There are also some really cool downloadable resources under the “Tools” tab. I like to think of this tab as the homework or self-care tab. It gives your things to explore on your own that can help you get more organized, eat right, self regulate or calm your emotions. These items are beneficial to every day life.
  • Do you like new and fresh ideas? Of course you do. The “What’s New” tab are blog type resources that get posted and updated pretty often. We try to offer TeenCentral users new and helpful ways to stay healthy and happy.
  • Feel free to explore the site and read some stories that TeenCentral users have posted. It’s a unique way to find your voice in a confidential online setting. There might be some stories you can relate to. Of course anyone that posts a story on TeenCentral will receive support, education, and resources within 24 hours of the posting. If you want to find your voice, let TeenCentral help! Hope this helps.