Running Away

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this is my second time today reaching out to you today. but anyways i keep scratching myself, i hate my stepmom an dad rn because they hate my mom and they are trying to make me hate her. idk who to believe or how to react. i think on monday i wanna run away


  • It sounds like you are frustrated with your home life, just know that you are not alone in this, asking for help is the first step. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with the TeenCentral community.
  • It might feel like there no way to “fix” all of your family problems that are making you think about running away. If you can, try having a conversation with your step mom, dad or mom about how you are feeling. It is helpful if they know that you are upset and afraid that they may not want you around. It may be possible to come up with a plan to work together as a family to change things for the better. Sometimes talking with a counselor or supportive person as a family can help.
  • Another option is the call the National Runaway Switchboard at 1-800-621-4000. It is open 24 hours a day and the call is free. This hotline gets thousands of calls each year, many from those who have run away from home or know someone who has.


  • Don’t be afraid to express your emotions. It is ok to tell those close to you how you are feeling and why. It is helpful to use words, not actions. This is especially true for anger. Anger is one of the hardest emotions to manage because it is so strong.
  • Find some ways that can help calm yourself after you are upset. Practice some things like exercise, listening to music, drawing or writing. Utilize these options so that you can start to feel more at ease, when you may not be feeling safe.
  • Try to come up with a list of solutions that can help your situation that is safer than running away from your family. Think of at least three possible solutions. For each possible solution, as yourself: “If I do this, what could happen next?”
  • Lastly, get some help from a trusted and supportive person in your life. If you can’t communicate with your family, find a peer, a teacher, guidance counselor or neighbor that you can vent to about your home life.