Seen a lot in my lifetime

By September 10, 2020No Comments

Hello, Teen central! I would like to thank you for rejuvenating me back to my cynical, comedic self. I’ve been known for good advice. I was a wingman for one of my friends. He asked the girl out and she said yes. They dated. And then she became a lesbian. Who knew such a thing could happen? The worst thing about me was that I told my friend she would come out as a lesbian after she dated him. I think I would make a good candidate for that job where you give comfort to people when they tell their stories.  I’m a young teen who’s seen a lot in his lifetime. It’s a lifetime opportunity.


  • It takes a very special kind of person to be comforting and empathetic to others going through things. We are glad to hear you have those special qualities! It’s important to be supportive with your friends, family and loved ones. The Teen Central community commends you for being there for those that are important to you.
  • Since you are really good at being a supportive friend, check out the TOOLS tab on Teen Central. Try downloading the tool called “Support Plan”. This could be beneficial to your friends who may need you as their “wingman” when they are feeling down.


  • Have you ever thought of what your want to do in your career? Helping professions are in high demand (as you may already know). Maybe consider volunteering somewhere as a peer support. A lot of schools use them in the guidance office. If your school is virtual this year (most are in these uncertain times), see if there is anything you can do through zoom sessions. There’s no harm in reaching out.
  • You stated that you have seen a lot in your lifetime. People who support others often times forget to take care of themselves. What are some thing that you do that make you happy? Do you like to workout? Be in nature? Arts and crafts? Video games? Whatever it is, just remember your happiness is just as important.
  • If you don’t have anything you do to keep your mind free… try something new. There are a ton of ideas (alright maybe just 30 or so) on our What’s New tab on Teen Central. Now is the time to start a new hobby.