Sexuality Can Be Confusing

By November 18, 2019No Comments

I’m mostly writing this for advice on where to go and/or who to talk to on my sexuality. Many kids in my classes think that I’m lesbian because they say I give off “gay vibes” (that kind of makes me angry because I know how it bothers my friends that are part of the LGBTQ+ community). I think it’s mostly because of the way I dress ( I wear a lot of rainbow outfits and I have a lot of rainbow themed stuff) and because I’m really close with my friends (we hug a lot and since I don’t have many friends I’m always around a friend). So when they ask me, I don’t really know how to answer. I know for a fact that I’m not lesbian, but I can’t find an exact answer for my sexuality. I know labels aren’t important and I’m still finding out what I like but I feel like I wouldn’t feel as confused if I could find somewhere/someone to ask about this topic.


  • You are not alone in how you feel. Sexuality can be confusing and difficult to understand especially when you are young. It’s great that you are seeking help to understand this topic, thereby making informed  choices concerning sexuality.
  • Take a look at the website. Go to the “Learn” section, then click on “Sexuality,”  and you will find some information there that may help you answer a few questions concerning the topic of sexuality. You can also click on “what’s new” or the stories” sections to find out what other teens are struggling with as it concerns sexuality and the advise given to them. This could all help in understanding sexuality a bit better.  
  • You can also speak with your primary doctor, a therapist, a school counselor, or even a trusted adult, about your questions pertaining to sexuality. All of these resources can provide helpful information and can answer your questions concerning sexuality. 
  • Don’t let other people define who you are or what you are. If you feel uncomfortable with being labeled a certain way, be sure to voice your opinion, and make it clear what you will not tolerate. It is ok to feel the way you do—-you are still learning and discovering. It is ok not to have definite answers at this time.  


  • Who can you talk to regarding sexuality?
  • How should you react when others try to define your sexuality?
  • What answers do you have currently regarding your sexuality?
  • What steps should you take to understanding sexuality?