Spiraling Out Of Control

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Hello, I’m a 15 year old girl from the US that has been experiencing trouble lately. I’m not the type of girl to feel emotions deeply but lately things have been spiraling out of control in my life which makes me want to emotionally lash out to my family and friend(s). I broke up with my ex in the end of October of 2020 because my friend told me about stuff (which I’m not going to share). While that was going on I was moving to another town in my state (not to far from my home town). While I was spending time in a hotel, I was stressed with online school because of my emotions and I tried to reach out to my closest friends but they just didn’t respond fast enough. I was just really hurt by that because I thought they were there for me but no they weren’t. Another bad thing that happened is that the house my family was supposed to move into, caught on fire the day before we left the hotel (now my family has to stay in one part of the house that is big enough but has one kitchen and bathroom which sucks). What’s worst is that my ex is in the same history class as me which is a really pain in the butt to just see him. I lashed out and I guess hurt my friend (verbally) because I thought he said the stuff about my ex was to just make me breakup with my ex…And he got a girlfriend (who is a friend…well now ex friend). Out of paranoia one night….I attempted to cut off a friend because she wasn’t talking to me but she said “she was busy and she was sorry, but she will be there for me because I’m her friend” which made me feel better because at least there is a person out there who cares about me. I have been seeing a school counselor and I have been reflecting and improving myself emotionally and mentally little by little and I hope it gets better for me…


  • Thank you so much for reaching out and having the courage to share your story with the TeenCentral community. It sounds like you have a lot going on, which can be super stressful! It’s important that you know – you are not alone. There are many resources available here designed to help you make positive changes to your overall well-being.
  • When going through stressful times, it can be easy to feel like others don’t care and you are unsupported. Here at TeenCentral, we encourage you to read the stories of others who are going through similar situations and see the feedback they have received. Many young people feel less alone when they do this. There are also other resources to support you on your journey towards self-improvement that can be found under the LEARN and TOOLS tabs of our main page. These include a variety of information to help you – everything from Depression and Anxiety to Yoga and Running. There’s even little “pick me ups” like a daily positive reminder to help boost your mood.
  • Have you ever felt at the end of your rope? If so, and you need to talk to someone immediately please reference our HELP page. The easiest hotline to access is the Crisis Textline. Just text them HELLO at 741741 and start a conversation if you need to talk to someone right away and it just can’t wait.
  • Reaching out and talking to friends or a school counselor was a great first step to support yourself. Keep going! Sometimes just being able to vent about what’s going on in your life to someone face to face can be a huge step in feeling a little relief. It’s also important to have support systems in multiple places. Are there any other positive adults (family or non-family) in your life you could talk to outside of the school environment?


• It seems like you have a lot of thoughts and feelings going on about many different situations all at once. That can be very overwhelming and cause us to do things like “lashing out” to those who we care about. Have you tried any journaling or writing to help you organize and process your emotions? You could even use writing to set goals for yourself and track your progress towards bettering yourself. Here are a couple of resources that can help you get started. First, take a look at the Anger section on the LEARN tab. Also there’s some great information about getting started with journaling on a recent “What’s New” blog HERE. And lastly, here’s something from the TOOLS page called a Weekly Mood Tracker that also may be helpful.

• Taking steps to improve yourself emotionally and mentally is a great goal to have. Part of this process also includes taking good care of yourself physically. What are the things you enjoy doing that are positive for you? It can be anything from doing physical things outside to listening to your favorite music.

• Aside from doing things that make you feel happy or well, it’s also important to keep surrounding yourself with positive people who make you happy and support your work towards self-improvement. Surrounding yourself with multiple supports can also help in the times when you are having a hard time getting in contact with one of them as you can have others to fall back on. Who are the individuals who you trust to reach out to for support? It can also be tough during pandemic times but what are some ways that you keep connected to these individuals?