Thinking Too Deeply

Thinking Too Deeply

A deep thought. One time I was lying down thinking about how the universe is infinite. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.


  • Thinking too deeply can make you feel confused and lost in your head. You are smart for using your imagination in an effort to possibly remain positive even though your thoughts may make you uncomfortable.
  • Knowledge is power. You can head to the Teen Central website and click the Learn tab to read about a possible issue you may have such as Anxiety or Depression. Feel free to explore the Tools tab to download resources if you’d like. If you need someone to speak to, you can click the Help tab and call one of the hotlines.
  • You may speak to a trusted therapist, school counselor or religious leader if you’d like.
  • You can turn your thinking skills into something more positive. You can use creative activities to express yourself in a healthy way by trying creative writing, painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument or just listening to music in your free time. Creativity is a great way to just be yourself.
  • You can also try studying subjects like science, math or engineering. Applying your deep thinking skills and ideas could help solve problems related to the universe among many others.
  • You may try writing or doing art in a daily journal to express yourself or just write down some things you’re grateful for.
  • Spirituality is a calming activity that often changes lives. Being spiritual can bring meaning and a sense of purpose to one’s life. Some spiritual techniques are meditation, yoga or prayer. You can attend church services to try to gain a deeper perspective.
  • If your life lacks meaning, you can try using your time to volunteer for a worthy cause. You can read to a child or mentor one, walk dogs at a shelter or help clean up the environment. Your efforts could make a big difference for someone who needs them.
  • Be positive. Always have something to look forward to to keep yourself from spiraling out of control. You can try reading inspiring quotes or books, watching a movie or finding something to laugh at each day.
  • If you enjoy thinking, you can exercise your brain by doing Sudoku, crosswords or logic problems. Focusing on positive activities helps keep a person from spiraling into a negative state of mind.
  • You can take care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthier mindset so you can live a life you love.
  • You can try focusing on achieving goals for a better future, doing your homework, participating in activities you enjoy and making an honest effort each day to live a good life you deserve.


  • In what ways can being more positive by focusing on healthy activities help you live a happier life now and in the future?
  • What are some differences between a life that lacks meaning and one that is full of meaning?
  • In what ways can you contribute to your community and the world in a positive manner?
  • Can you think up other ways your deep thinking skills could help make the world a better place?