This is so humiliating to admit…

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I’m a 16 year old girl and last night I wet the bed. Who the f__k still wets the bed when they’re in high school??!?? Me, apparently. And this isn’t the first time, it’s the second. The first time was last month. Fortunately, no one knows about this (and hopefully it’ll stay that way). But I know something must be wrong for this to be happening. I don’t know what though. I’m not losing bladder control when I’m awake. It’s only when I’m asleep. So what does that mean? Help!!!!


  • You are incredibly BRAVE AND STRONG for sharing such a personal experience. Being able to reach out for support and help is an admirable and important first step and we thank you so much for trusting us here at TeenCentral. The negative feelings that go along with experiences like this are normal and can be just as difficult to cope with as the issue itself. There is hope and you are not alone.
  • The first thing we recommend is that you consult with a Doctor / Medical Professional regarding the physical symptoms you are experiencing. While you are working through that process, taking care of your mental and emotional help is another priority we can assist with. There are many resources on the TeenCentral site that can be beneficial such as information on any anxiety this may cause or tips on overall wellness under the LEARN tab. Check it out here, it may help with some of the stress this is causing you.
  • In addition to speaking to a medical professional, we encourage you to talk to another trusted adult about what you’re going through. It may feel like a hard step to take but coping with this issue alone can be far more challenging. You don’t have to disclose everything right away either. You can start with baby steps and express more and more at your own comfort level.


  • Something that may help with figuring out what is going on could be writing down / tracking these episodes. Listing information related to how you felt that day, any memorable thoughts or events, any dreams/nightmares, any other physical symptoms, etc. could be useful to identifying what’s going on. You can also use writing to express and process all the emotions you are experiencing.
  • Aside from the primary self-care part of this which is dealing with the medical side of things, it’s important to focus on other areas of self-care also. Finding time to do the things that make you happy is a big part of overall wellness and can go a long way to helping you through this time.
  • It’s also important to keep connected to other positive support systems during stressful times. Who are the people you trust that are good to stay in contact with? Find a way to reach out to them.