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To Procrastinate or Not Procrastinate

By May 26, 2022No Comments

Hi teen central,
I just want to say that sometimes I feel bad, and I just want a place and someone to talk to. I want to know that someone is out there and cares about me and my life. I feel stressed, anxious, and like I’m a super weird person. I procrastinate on homework, and think, “What’s the point it doesn’t matter” when I want to do homework. I have an inner conflict sometimes. I want to do homework, chores, and follow my dreams and be successful, but another part is just holding me back, and makes me do other things, like procrastinate, watch tiktok, or just stress eat. I DON’T WANT THIS ANYMORE!!!!! I want me to go back to being happy, and wishing for my good future. Can you help me?? I just want to get better, and maybe someone will listen. I’m just a teen who wants to be themselves.
thanks teencentral

Help Yourself:

Welcome to TeenCentral! Thank you so much for reaching out! We can most definitely help to guide you through this journey.

Being a teenager in today’s world is very difficult due to all the distractions right at our fingertips. Cell phones and social media make it very tempting to do everything you are not supposed to be doing. This is actually quite difficult for people of all ages. Many people get stuck scrolling through the TikTok rabbit hole of endless videos. So, trust us when we say that you are not alone.

Take time to think about who you have in your support circle. Parents/guardians, siblings, cousins, friends, or aunts/uncles. How about any schoolteachers, guidance counselors, or even coaches? Sometimes asking for help is all you need to develop your plan and routine.

Consider incentivizing these distractions. For example, after school have a snack and do 1 hour of homework (or a certain number of assignments) before getting 15 mins of TikTok or whatever it is that you want. Studies show that after a certain number of minutes of learning/working, you know longer retain much of the lesson without taking a break and this can lead to tiredness, boredom, and eventually quitting the task before completion.

Consider This:

We mentioned above how you can create a schedule/routine for your chores and schoolwork. Take time to explore our Website and check out our Tools tab where you will find a Daily Task Chart and Daily Schedule activity sheets. These have been extremely helpful for many to organize their days and what they must complete.

While you are in the Tools tab you can also look at the Self Positive Talk and the Stretch Yoga Pose activities. Yoga helps to get the blood flowing and ease the mind and can be quite stimulating for your overall mental health and motivation.

Also take time to complete the Support Plan in the Tools tab. This will help you narrow down what you are feeling, why you feel this way, and how to work through these moments. This work sheet talks about your coping skills. If you are not sure what they are that is ok. Many people do not realize how much they do to help themselves cope until they sit down to think about them and write them down. Coping skills can be whatever you want them to be to help you through tough times.

If you navigate to our Learn tab and scroll to Wellness. Under the Wellness section you have the opportunity to gain knowledge about different activities and topics such as Being Active, Nutrition, Relaxation, and Spirituality. Here you will not only learn about the topics but also about how you can utilize them as coping skills.