Trapped in Sadness

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This year has been a little rough. I don’t know why because I know that I have a great life and all, but I have been really down this year. It just comes in waves, and it makes me feel terrible. I wish these feelings would stop. At some points I am happy then I get really sad, and it is sad.


  • Being depressed can make you feel alone and unmotivated. You are strong for enduring extreme sadness even though it often brings you down.
  • Knowledge is power. You can head to the Teen Central website then click the Learn tab then Depression and any other issues which may apply to you. The Tools tab has downloadable resources called Positive Talk and Mood Tracker among others.
  • If you need someone to talk to you can go to the Teen Central website and click the Help tab then call one of the hotlines. You may also speak to a trusted therapist, school counselor or religious leader about your problems.
  • You can be positive by repeating positive affirmations to yourself. Keep a daily journal to jot down inspiring quotes, drawings or just write down your feelings to let them out. You may also write down all of the things you’re grateful for each day.
  • Rather than dwelling on your emotions you can express your feelings in a healthy way with creative activities like painting, coloring in a coloring book, listening to music or playing a musical instrument.
  • Spirituality can help you become more understanding of your circumstances, give you a sense of safety or make your life more meaningful. You may try praying, meditating, yoga or attending church. On the Teen Central website click the Learn tab then Spirituality to learn more.
  • Maybe you focus too much on your feelings and it makes your emotions imbalanced. You can try doing activities that will take your mind off intense emotions by doing puzzles like Sudoku, word searches, crosswords or logic puzzles. You may find free magazines about history, animals, technology or science to check out at the library to take your mind of things.
  • Volunteering could help you see that emotions can be a positive experience because you’ll be able to change others’ lives in small or big ways. You can be a volunteer reader, crisis counselor or tutor for someone in need. Participate in a cleanup day in your area to help the environment, help out at a local animal shelter, donate unique art you’ve created or send cards to kids. You can also foster or adopt a pet from a shelter and save a life. Volunteermatch is a great place to find opportunities in your area or even remotely.
  • Always having something to look forward to will help keep you from spiralling out of control. This could be a movie you’re going to watch, a book you’ve been reading or anything positive you can think of.
  • You can try having a sense of humor by reading a comic book, watching cartoons or creating funny art. Try to find something to laugh at each day.
  • The more you dwell on negativity the more it will eat you up inside. Physical activity can lessen the symptoms of depression. You can try exercising, joining a sport or just go for a short walk each day outdoors.
  • As long as you commit a little each day to fixing your problems you’ll continue to make progress towards a happier life. Every moment is a chance to change negativity into positivity.


  • In what ways can focusing on positivity make your life better?
  • How can committing to getting good grades in school and spending time with genuine people who care about you help you have a better future?
  • Can you find other ways to change your sad feelings into something positive?