When You Like Someone

When You Like Someone

I don’t know if I like a boy. I recently went on a school trip to the Norfolk Broads and whilst I was there – I met two boys. Both of them are the sweetest and I love them dearly, but I’m not sure if I have a crush on one of them. I’m really good friends with all of their friends and my friendship group likes the boys a lot (as friends) and tell me that if I tried to go out with him and it didn’t work out – it would be awkward and we’d have to stop being friends. I really don’t know what to do. Thanks!


It’s not always easy to ascertain whether you genuinely like someone. And when you do like someone, you also don’t want to ruin the friendship or friendships that come along with a relationship with the person that you like. You are not alone. 

If you have spent a substantial amount of time with this person and you really enjoy their company, that can be a sign that you like the person. 

Try speaking with a close friend that has seen you interact with this person, that could be a good way to see how you are viewed on the outside by other people who see you and the person you may like together. They may help you figure out whether you do really like this person. 

If you  find yourself thinking about this person a great deal, chances are you have strong feelings for this person. 

Since you are all friends, and you share friendships, it’s also important to consider how you would feel if things don’t work out and it gets awkward. That may play in factor on whether you would like to pursue the crush or not. The decision is up to you, and there isn’t a wrong or right way to deal with this particular issue. If you really value the friendship and are not willing to risk it by taking things a little further, that is ok. You can and will always meet other people in the future that you like and will be able to engage in more than a friendship with that person, safely and comfortably.


What factors will play a role on whether or not you want to pursue this crush?

How do you think your crush would feel if you disclosed how you feel?

What would you do if things got awkward between you two?

Who is a trusted friend you think you could talk to about this?