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Anxiety and Unmotivated

I’ve been struggling with anxiety and stuff lately. Also, I feel unmotivated to do anything.  I don’t even have the motivation to shower or eat much or do a lot.  My mum says she’s working on getting me therapy, but it’s been months. My dad is...

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Out of Control

I’m 14; soon to be 15 years old. CONSIDER THIS: Not being in control of your own life can make you feel worried and confused. You are strong for enduring your circumstances alone even though your only a teenager and have a lot to learn. If...

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Life Is Crazy

Basically, I’m just at a loss. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. I told my parents I was gay last April, which didn’t go well at all. I basically spent my summer just avoiding getting in the car with my...

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