Tag: relationship issues

At a Crossroad of Life

I just got done with my graduate degree and I am planning to move overseas for my post grad education. It will be another 6 months until I leave. I have been seeing someone for the past 9 months and honestly it is the most perfect thing I have. I...

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I Have Too Many Problems

I have so many high school problems and I graduate in less than four months….. I messed up the last time I tried doing this. So let’s hope this works. 1) I like this guy and he started hanging out with the wrong people and he...

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Weekend Trip Incident

My best friend and I are both 15/f. Last weekend, I went away with her and her family to their weekend home. It’s next to this beautiful lake in this small, middle-of-nowhere type town. We left early Saturday morning and got there around...

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