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When Life Gets Tough

Am I Just A Burden? My mom saw my cuts; she didn’t say anything. She acts like I’m okay but I’m not. My parents are giving me pill after pill; and sometimes I think about what would happen if I took the whole bottle. I want to...

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Engulfed in Sadness

Unfortunately, I’m back. I was doing alright for a while. I cut my thigh a little some time ago but the feelings quickly left. But now I’m getting engulfed in sadness again and I feel so incredibly lonely. I don’t really want to...

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The Shock of My Life

I am a 20 year old junior college football player and my ex girlfriend is a 18 year old college freshman at a school about 45 minutes away and plays tennis. We were dating for 2.5 years, met in my class senior year, and we had to overcome some...

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